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Want to Win a Free Audiobook? Caption this Cover Art!

Last week, the Enter the Janitor audiobook went live, and it certainly looks like people are enjoying it. I’m glad to offer it in that format, especially since I know a growing number of folks who prefer to get their bookish fix via the ear canals.

In the process of getting the audiobook up, I came into possession of a handful of codes that would allow Audible members to download and listen to the story for free. Now, I could just pass these out to random people on the sidewalk, but I thought we could have a bit more fun than that. So, from now, Thursday, July 9th, to Friday, July 17th, we’re going to have a cover art caption contest!

Here’s the original cover art for Enter the Janitor (sans title and author name):


Your mission: Provide a caption for this scene! It can be a quote, bit of dialogue, or even in meme form–whatever you come up with! Is Ben giving Dani questionable advice? Is Dani asking Ben for a little reassurance? What do you think is being said here?

You can enter in a few different ways.

  1. Just add a caption to the comments below this post (and include a way for me to contact you should you win).
  2. Add a caption to the image itself and post it on Facebook or Twitter. Tag me on Facebook or mention me (@JRVogt) on Twitter when you do so I’m alerted to your post and can note your entry.
  3. Email your caption or captioned cover art image directly to me, and I’ll share it around for everyone to see.

Once the contest is over, I’ll review all the submissions and pick my top three. Those winners will each receive a code to get the audiobook free!




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  1. Peter Sartucci
    Peter Sartucci July 9, 2015

    And this is why we always use disinfectant!

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl July 9, 2015

    Yeah, that was the wrong pill, Neo.

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