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Hear a sample of the Enter the Janitor audiobook!

I know a lot of people who have come to prefer getting their book fix via audiobooks. That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Enter the Janitor is now available in that format (as well as paperback and ebook)!

Enter the Janitor audible

I had a great time getting Enter the Janitor converted into an audiobook. Going through the platform (which distributes through places like Audible), I posted a short sample of the novel so people could use it to audition. Happily enough, the very first person to audition, Michael Gilboe, had the perfect voice for the project. Since the story has a humorous angle to it, I wanted someone who could bring some life to the narration and highlight the absurd parts.

Now the audiobook is complete, and I really enjoyed the work he did. You can listen to the first five minutes free right here or on

Enter the Janitor: Audiobook Sample


If all goes well, the same will happen to The Maids of Wrath once it’s published, and Michael could make his narrative return!

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